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Mudchute Agricultural Show 2018


The Mudchute Agricultural Show is back for 2018!

The 2018 Mudchute Agricultural Show will take place on Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th of August! There will be lots to discover and explore as well as events and competitions where you can join in the fun!


Sheep Show

Mudchute’s Agricultural Show is proud to showcase some of the rarest and most ancient breeds of sheep in England. The Boreray, North Ronaldsay, Shetland and Soay will all be competing in the Primitive section of our Show. These small hardy sheep originate on the Scottish offshore islands from which they take their names and are amongst the smallest sheep breeds.

Much larger breeds such as the Oxford Down, Wiltshire horn, Dorset Horn and other historic British breeds such as the Portland (popularised in the reign of George III) will be represented. The Southdown will also be competing in the Downland/Closewool section. Galway and Black Wenleydales start the show in the Longwool classes. In the Hill and Heath classes, the very striking Jacob sheep (a black and white horned breed introduced to Britain from Middle East in the 1700's) will be found alongside the Lonk sheep of the Pennines and the Whitefaced Woodland from the same region.

The best sheep of each breed will go on to compete on Sunday in the Supreme Championship for the Best in Show title. Also on Sunday, a number of other classes for all breeds will be held, in addition to classes for City and Community Farm sheep only.


Equestrian Show

Mudchute Agricultural Show is excited to welcome riders from all over the UK for our very own Equestrian Show!

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for horse riding and put on a show that we hope will inspire you too.

In addition to the programme below, we'll have farrier demonstrations by Harry Morgan and a photo booth with our Shetland Ponies.

Saturday, 4 August
from 10am to 3:30pm
  • Show Jumping Competition, adults and children
  • Tack and Turnout, adults and children
  • Mounted Police Demonstration (TBC)
  • Dressage Competition, adults and children
  • Musical Ride (TBC)
  • Children's Gymkhana


Fresh Produce Competitions

Cakes, Jams, and vegetables galore will grace our Fresh Produce marquee on the 4th of August!

A multitude of goods from the community and by the community will take part. We are proud to host hanging baskets and vegetable boxes from Cubitt Town and George Green’s Schools, as well as entries from green thumbed enthusiasts from within and around London.

Get involved

Would you like to get your bake off / grow off and take part in our competition!?

Spaces are still available for a multitude of categories:

  • Vegetable / Fruit Box
  • Pickles, Salsa Chutney and Relish
  • Cakes, Bread Pudding and Victoria Sponge
  • Cupcakes and Biscuits
  • Jams
  • Vegetable Cake

Entries are FREE, enter as many items as you like within the chosen category. To register, please email Denise Lara at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We hope you are as excited as we are! Yum yum yum!

Saturday – 4th of August
10 am Register your Produce/Goods
1 pm Judging
3 pm Prizes



Stock Punishment (Death by a Thousand Sponges)

Come and throw wet sponges at someone you would like to nominate to put in the stocks.

How could you resist the chance to get your own back on some one?

So let’s soak the sucker, Drown the Drip, you won’t have any regrets, if they are drenched to the bone or shivering it’s only what they deserve.

£5.00 per victim, pay double for them to stay longer.

Here are some reasons you may wish to nominate:

  • Not putting the toilet seat down
  • Staying out late and pretending they were working
  • Never sharing the remote control
  • Breaking wind in inappropriate places
  • Supporting Arsenal
  • Wearing white socks with sandals
  • Wasting time in the toilet reading a paper
  • Dressing too young for their age
  • Embarrassing dancing and singing

Victims will not be locked in the stocks, but we will be observing fair play, if any victims are found dodging or blocking sponges, they will be locked in and shamed for all to see and their punishment will be decided by the jury, so be warned.

Welly Throwing

Each competitor will be granted two throws of the Wellington Boot for their chance to win a trophy of great standing within the welly throwing world, THE GOLDEN BOOT.

Entry £3.00 per competitor, all proceeds go towards the upkeep of Mudchute’s livestock and grounds throughout the year.

  1. Welly throwing is a sport open to all people
  2. The sport shall be a civilised affair. Fair play, good humour and good manners shall be exhibited at all times.
  3. Distance shall be measured in Yards, Feet, and Inches.
  4. The standard welly shall be the Dunlop green size 9 non steel toe-cap. Competitors shall select whether they use left or right welly.
  5. No tampering with the welly shall be allowed.
  6. A maximum run up of 10 paces shall be allowed.
  7. The run-up will end when the competitor reaches the throw line, this is when they need to throw the welly (hopefully).
  8. The welly shall be projected using any action of the arm.
  9. The use of wind assistance is allowed and should be encouraged, waiting for a suitable gust, is limited to 30 seconds. No artificial or man-made wind is to be used.

information stalls

Information Stalls

The Mudchute Agricultural Festival is excited to provide a platform for the public to meet with charities and organisations working for the benefit of our community.

Learn more about our participating organisations by clicking on the links below:



In addition to our fantastic Equestrian demonstrations, we'll also have the following demonstrations:

  • Spinners - watch fleeces spun into yarn!
  • Bird of Prey Display from Avian Environmental Consultants
  • Horse Dentist - learn more about taking care of equine teeth
  • Farrier Demonstration - horse shoes and more with Harry Morgan
  • Fire Engine - learn more about the fighting fire


Fairground Rides

The Mudchute Lower Field becomes and exciting fairground for a weekend! Try your luck in one of the many games and take a spin on the child friendly rides.


Food and Drink

  • Pimms Bar
  • Seafood and champagne
  • International food stalls
  • Picnic areas

Donkey Rides

Donkey rides are available for children from 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 3pm.


Access and Getting Here


Please be aware that there is NO PARKING for visitors at the Mudchute. However we are easily accessible by public transportation.


The majority of the festival (i.e. Sheep Show, Fairground rides, Games area, Pimms Bar and Food area, will take place in fields that are not accessible via paved routes. Our paved, step free entrances are ASDA entrance and Pier Street entrance. Mudchute Kitchen Pets Corner, Equestrian Centre and the main path are all asphalted and accessible. For further details, see access page.

Lost Child Point

In the event that you are separated, our lost child point is at the Mudchute main office in the main courtyard.