Have you met the newest residents of Pets Corner? If you haven’t seen the new aviary residents, you may well have heard them! Our Pets Corner aviaries are now home to a number of new canaries in a variety of colours as well as some beautiful diamond doves. The new additions are settling into their new home well and can be seen and the canaries can be heard singing proudly from their perches across the aviary.

Come meet the new birds and be sure to stop to listen to a song!

Here’s one of our handsome new canaries in song:

You can hear another song here (with some chatter from our zebra finches:

Best in Show Winner Thistle!

The 2016 Mudchute Fun Dog Show Best in Show Winner Thistle!

Many thanks to all who helped make our 2016 Fun Dog Show a success! Photos from the day can now be found on our Facebook page here. Congratulations to all the lovely dogs and handlers who took part and thanks again to all our staff and volunteers who made the day possible!


Today our horses and ponies were due for a checkup form the dentist! Healthy teeth are key to a healthy horse and horses and ponies need regular checkups to ensure their teeth are wearing properly. Young horses need even more regular checks to ensure things are developing properly. You can find out more about Equine Dentistry from the British Association Of Equine Dental Technicians.

Fitting the dental speculum.

Fitting the dental speculum.

mudchute-stables-0694In addition to the checkup, the horses also get any sharp or uneven edges on their teeth ground down in a process called rasping. This will make them more comfortable and prevent irritation. There are hand-powered and electric tools which help grind down the teeth safely. As you might imagine, the tools in equine dentistry are quite a bit larger than those you’d see in a human dentist’s office! And to help the horse keep it’s mouth open and the equine dental technician safe, horses are fitted with a dental speculum which you can see in many of the photos below. Some horses are quite happy to have their teeth ground down and seem to enjoy the process, while others require a light sedative to relax.

A horse dental chart!

A horse dental chart!

As you might expect, it can be a slobbery job, but went very well today. Thanks Charlotte and everyone who helped out!