In addition to our domestic livestock and pets corner animals, Mudchute is also home to a huge diversity of plants and wildlife. We’re just starting to explore the incredible wildlife of Mudchute Park & Farm and welcome you to take part! Here’s a peek at just some of the stunning plants and animals we’ve encountered around Mudchute! See more on the next page and at our new Wildlife at Mudchute flickr pool. Have you spotted something interesting or unusual at Mudchute? Snap a photo and send it our way. While we can’t guarantee we’ll know what it is, we’ll certainly try to help you with identification!

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on our two British Saddleback Pigs! Our two girls currently live near the allotments, alongside our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. You may spot them up on their cement gun site, or rooting around around the back of their enclosure. The saddlebacks are a large, mostly black, lop-eared pig with a distinctive white band across the saddle and around the legs and shoulders. Dating back to 1967, the breed is the result of crossing the Essex and Wessex Saddleback. Saddlebacks are known for being docile, fecund and excellent mothering abilities, as well as their hardiness and foraging skills. You can find out more about British Saddleback pigs from the British Saddleback Breeders’ Club and Rare Breed Survival Trust and see a mini-gallery of our saddlebacks on the next page. Continue reading

Yesterday, our animals got a tasty treat courtesy of London’s brand new canal-side microbrewery, Crate Brewery, which opens tomorrow in Queens yard, just moments from Hackney Wick. As a result of their virgin brew, grains are produced as waste byproduct from the beer brewing process. The fermenting grains make a delicious and nutritious animal feed and proved to be very popular across the farm. See more photos of our animals feasting on grain and a sneak peek inside the gorgeously designed and nearly finished Crate Brewery! We strongly recommend checking them out. If their grains are anything to go by, you’re in for a treat! And when you combine pizza and beer, you can’t go far wrong! Continue reading