Today we’re sharing a bit of our morning routine on the farm. With the new enclosure in the big field up and running, we’re able to graze livestock up on the field, which means bringing the girls up each morning after they’ve had their breakfast. They’re mostly quite well behaved, but a bit more enthusiastic than sensible at times. More photos of their morning walk up to the field on the next page! Continue reading

You may have noticed a few new faces in pets corner! We’re happy to introduce our latest additions to Pets Corner, a new trio of ferrets! At the moment, you can find them in a hutch with Boris and Bandit, the two ferrets you may have met before. We’re letting the newcomers settle in and giving them a chance to get to know our boys before they all start living together.

Male ferrets are called hobs and females are called gills. Both Boris and Bandits are hobs, and the new youngsters are two gills and a hob! The collective noun for a group of ferrets is “business”, or historically a “fesnyng”. So hopefully if introductions keep going well, you’ll see our business of ferrets playing together soon!

The newcomers don’t have official farm names yet, but feel free to tweet your suggestions to us @mudchute! They also need sponsors to help support them! Find out how you can sponsor one of our animals here! More photos on our lovely new ferrets on the next page! Continue reading

This week we’re shining the spotlight the unmistakable golden chickens of the farm, our Buff Orpingtons. The Buff Orpingtons currently live in the corner chicken pen, next to Clover, the Gloucestershire Old Spots sow and across from our goats. These birds have an impressive size and beautiful golden colour. As their name suggests, the breed originates from Orpington, in the London Borough of Bromley. Find out more about the Orpington breed (and why our hens are wearing jackets) on the next page!
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