You may have noticed we’re doing a bit of work around the farm. Thanks to our lovely volunteers, we’ve been making great progress on two big projects on the farm and hope both will be complete sometime next month. See how the new plans for the new and improved goat pen and new grazing field are coming along and a few photos of our volunteers hard at work on the next page! To find out more about volunteering opportunities, please email us at farm@mudchute.orgContinue reading

To keep our chickens happy, healthy and entertained, we’ve been trying to encourage their natural foraging behaviour. One part of this programme has been the cabbages you may have spotted throughout our poultry pens. These dangling cabbages encourage the birds to explore and work for their greens. Watch our newest additions, a trio of lovely ‘partridge’ coloured Brahma chickens (the son and daughters of the Vauxhall brahmas) enjoying (and destroying) their hanging cabbage! More photos and video on the next page!

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