Here is a simple way to make dens- drape umbrella’s with organza then suspend them between trees on a clothes line. The children who visited our forest school thought they were like giant floating jelly fish and loved running beneath them.

This year’s young chicks came to us as hatching eggs from Keith’s Orpingtons and were artificially incubated by local schools as part of Mudchute Education’s Hatch and Brood project. This programme gives children a chance to watch the young chicks develop within the egg and observe the hatching process firsthand, all in their own classrooms. For a glimpse at how chicks develop within the egg, you can see candled eggs here and incredible photos of developing chicken embryos here.

Our new chicks are purebred Bantam Orpingtons, which will show similar characteristics to our Buff Orpingtons, but achieve a smaller adult size. The chicks are a wide range of colours, including lavender and other unusual varieties. We look forward to watching them grow up over the next few weeks and months. You can learn more about the breed from The Orpington Club.

Are you interested in keeping chickens in your backyard? In addition to providing delicious fresh eggs, chickens are excellent at eradicating weeds and pests, can help recycle waste and enrich and fertilise your soil. Here at the farm, we are looking to run an Introduction to Keeping Chickens in the coming months. If you are interested in joining our upcoming courses and finding out more about how you can keep chickens in your own backyard, please get in touch with us at

Our first ever dog show here on the Park and Farm bought a large variety of canines all hoping for the fame and fortune of ‘Britain’s got talent’ winner Pudsey!

We didn’t quite manage that, but all the dogs behaved beautifully and a good time was had by all.

Lesley Mills from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust was our judge who said how fantastic it was to see dogs of all shapes and sizes who were all so well looked after.

‘Bright eyed and bushy tailed’ you might say!

Enjoy the photos and congratulations to the following winners:

Class 1 – Waggiest tail

  • 1st Place – Nash and owner Ralph Piner
  • 2nd Place – Daisy and owner Scott Neil
  • 3rd Place – Marlo and owner Donna Manley

Winners for ‘Waggiest Tail’ Class

Class 2 – The dog the judge would most like to home

  • 1st Place – Shadow and owner Bradley Pittaway
  • 2nd Place - Hazel and owner Chantelle Pine
  • 3rd Samantha and owner Jennifer Pryce
  • Special award for Ruby and owner Jessie Strong

Winners of the ‘Dog the Judge would most like to take home’ category.

Class 3 – Veterans

  • 1st Place – Bonnie and owner Kelly Bell
  • 2nd Place – Blaze and owner Lesley Stone.

Winner of ‘Veterans’ Class.

Class 4 – Most obedient

  • 1st Place – Hazel and owner Maggie Pine
  • 2nd Place – Nash and owner Ralph Piner
  • 3rd Place – Shadow and owner Bradley Pittaway
  • Special award for Benny and owner Kelly Kemp

Winners of ‘Most Obedient’ Class

Class 5 – Youngest handler 1st

  • 1st Place – Benny and young handler Abigail Ramsbotham
  • 2nd Place - Ruby and young handler Hannah Hyams
  • 3rd Shadow and young handler Henry Pittaway

Winners of the ‘Youngest Handler’ Class


  • 1st Place – Hazel and owner Maggie Pine
  • 2nd Place – Marlo and owner Donna Manley
  • 3rd Place – Bonnie and owner Kelly Bell

All of our fantastic winners.

Thanks to every one for making Mudchute’s 1st dog show a success. Watch this space for details of a second DOG SHOW TO TAKE PLACE THIS summer.