You may have noticed an interesting green contraption in the big field last week. This was all part of our set up to give our lovely Irish Moiled cows, Enys and Amaya, a proper check up. A cattle crush is the safest way to work with cattle as it is less stressful for the animals and they are less likely to injure themselves (or any of us!). Find out more and see how events unfolded on the next page!

A suspicious looking Enys.

The girls are sweetened up with a few tasty treats from stockman Cliff.

In the pen, but warily checking out the crush.

Amaya followed vet Lauran and a bucket of treats into the crush.

Amaya happily in the crush with her well deserved reward.

Vet Lauran and farm manager Nick checking over Amaya.

Amaya in the crush. Are you done yet?

Amaya, showing off her brand new yellow ear tag.

Farm manager Nick giving Enys her new ear tag.

Done! Enys heads back to the field as a very happy farm manager looks on.

Once in the crush, our cows were checked over by vet Lauran Hammond and given beautiful new yellow ear tags by farm manager Nick. She also administered a test for bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) and we are happy to report that both Enys and Amaya have had their tests read and are non-reactors, meaning they are free from this devastating disease! Lauran has also confirmed the exciting news we may be in for the pitter patter of little hooves later in the year!

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