jacobram-1916There’s a new ram at Mudchute! Our latest addition is a young Jacob ram and he is currently entertaining our three Jacob ewes. Jacob sheep have been known in England since the 1750s are easily distinguished from our other sheep breeds with their spotted, piebald fleeces. You’ll notice both rams and ewes are horned in this breed, but some Jacob rams can have as many as six horns.

At the moment, our new ram is wearing a harness. This is a raddle, which contains a chalk block on his chest. This will allow us to monitor his attentions to the ewes and give us a better of idea of if and when we might expect the pitter patter of little Jacob hooves! A sheep’s pregnancy lasts approximately 5 months, so if our new ram and ewes get on well, we’ll hope to make more introductions in April.

You can find out more about the sheep breeds at Mudchute on our website and more about Jacob Sheep from the Jacob Sheep Society.

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