Our new trio of young ferrets are a very active, inquisitive bunch, always on the look out for a new adventure. To keep them out of trouble (and their minds and bodies active), they have a brand new enclosure filled with opportunities to dig, climb and tunnel to their hearts’ content! You can now find them in the enclosures opposite the Living Classroom! We’re still adding a few finishing touches to the new enclosure, but you can take a peek at their new quarters complete with ramps, tubes and a ‘sand box’ on the next page!

A big thanks to Colin and to our corporate volunteers from Canopius for helping make this project a reality! Mudchute wouldn’t be possible without your support! Find out more about how you can join us as a volunteer or even become a member of the Mudchute Association here.

Exploring the new platforms!

So much climbing and digging!

Oooooh…what’s in here?

…more to explore!

A very blurry ferret. There are clearly far more exciting things to do than sitting around posing!

Exploring their ‘sand box’ filled with dirt. Could there be treats in there?

Treats found, noses muddied.

About Mudchute

Mudchute Park & Farm. One of the largest city farms in London with 32 acres of countryside in the middle of the Isle of Dogs.

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