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We had a very exciting day at the farm last week, when the BBC came to do a feature on house sparrows. Did you know they have declined by 80%? We have a small population at the farm who have found the hedges to be of suitable habitat. The children pictured were filmed making bird boxes. The programme will be broadcast in August and more information will follow.

This month we received our community tree pack from the Woodland Trust. The batch is a mix of Rowan, Hazel, Oak, Blackthorn, Dog rose and quite a few other species that will make up an attractive new hedge. It will also provide habitat, shelter and food for invertebrates’ and small mammals. That aside we were slightly daunted by the idea of planting all those trees- but fear not Cubitt Town School soon stepped in. Dark skies loomed overhead, the temperature dipped below freezing, large flakes of snow fell from the sky but that didn’t stop our brave gardeners donning a pair of gloves, picking up a spade and carefully planting the whips.

So today we’d like to say a big thanks to the young gardeners at Cubitt Town, and the Woodland Trust for donating 450 healthy plants.

If you’re a community organisation you could be entitled to free tree packs too:

Every Wednesday children from the Mudchute Farm After School Service attend a nature club. Recently we have been researching wildlife that thrives in urban areas. The farm boasts many colonies of flora and fauna and we’re working to preserve their habitats. We’re also hoping to create new habitats that will be attractive to species not yet colonising the farm. For example you might see piles of logs and dead wood popping up around the farm; these are to invite invertebrates as dead wood provides them with an excellent food source. Pictured is a member of the nature club painting a stag beetle, a globally threatened species and Britain’s largest terrestrial beetle.

For more information on stag beetles visit the Wildlife Trust’s page:


If you’re interested in finding out more about the Children’s After School Service click on the link: