You may have spotted an impressive and not entirely typical farm attraction at Mudchute. This is our beautifully restored Ack Ack gun! Did you know that the cement gun sites (currently home to some of our pigs and other farmyard animals) were actually sites for antiaircraft guns during WWII? To celebrate the restoration and history of the farm, the Mudchute Association is hosting two celebratory events and we hope you’ll be able to join us at one or both! Continue reading

This week Halley Williams and Kieran Brown from Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies have been helping us overhaul Pets Corner. The two third-year vet students have been improving the lives of our small mammals in pets corner by providing new enrichment and making improvements to their enclosures to encourage natural foraging behaviour. This will help keep them happy, healthy and mentally stimulated as well. See more photos and find out more about the changes on the next page!

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We’re proud to announce another new arrival! Remember our Mandarin duck hatching eggs? Although the eggs are due to hatch tomorrow, we’ve had an early arrival! This little one was developing a bit faster than its siblings and we heard this little guy (or girl!) cheeping in its egg late Friday night. That, taken together with a look at its beak in the egg’s air cell meant that it had internally pipped and was getting close to hatching. However, there was no further activity until this afternoon when it burst out of its egg! The tiny duckling is still drying off, so looks a bit bedraggled, but is fluffing up nicely. More adorable photos on the next page. Continue reading