Over the past week we have received a very generous donation of logs, bark and wood chippings from CSG Ushers Ltd, a local tree surgeon who has been working nearby. The byproduct of their work (branches, logs and wood chip) have been put to good use across the farm, providing a nice dry layer underfoot for our goat, duck and chicken pens as well as enrichment in the form of log piles and perches for many of the farm’s animals. The pigs love having a good scratch against their logs and searching for food among them. The goats seem keen on stripping all the bark off their logs and the chickens and ducks are eagerly scratching through the wood chip, looking for insects, worms and other treats. More photos and videos on the next page.

The ducks relax on the freshly laid wood chips.

We’ve put the logs to good use all around the farm, using wood chip to cover the ground in a number of animal enclosures, including the duck pond. The wood helps keep the ground from getting too muddy, and also provides the animals with an interesting form of enrichment. The ducks seem to be loving it, searching through the wood chip for worms and leaves, and sitting on the beautiful logs that now decorate their pond.

All of this wood chip will help get the goats off the muddy ground.

Barney the goat among the new logs.

We have also been using the wood chip in our goat enclosures, where it has been a huge help in preventing the build up of mud. With so much rain recently, the ground has become saturated and almost boggy and such conditions can cause a range of foot problems for goats. Our hardworking staff and volunteers have been spreading the wood chip across their enclosure and the goats are taking advantage of the new dry ground. The pygmy goats have also taken a shine to the logs we’ve added for their enrichment, climbing on them, and stripping and eating the bark off all of their logs, as captured in the video below.

The chickens have also been exploring their new perches and log piles, investigating the logs and checking them for any insect treats. You can often find the hens scratching away near the logs and both the chickens and turkeys rush to investigate the new wood chip as we add it to their enclosure.

The saddlebacks gnawing on the bark of their logs.

The pigs seem to be enjoying their new logs too, often chewing on the bark and using them as scratching posts for rubbing their backs.

All across the farm, the new additions seem to be a great success. Thank you again to our friends at CSG Ushers Ltd from us and all of the happy animals here at Mudchute. Do you or your company have a resource that you think you might be able to donate to improve the farm? We’d love to hear about how we can work together. Please get in touch with us via farm@mudchute.org.

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