You may have noticed we’re doing a bit of work around the farm. Thanks to our lovely volunteers, we’ve been making great progress on two big projects on the farm and hope both will be complete sometime next month. See how the new plans for the new and improved goat pen and new grazing field are coming along and a few photos of our volunteers hard at work on the next page! To find out more about volunteering opportunities, please email us at

Changes to the Goats’ Pen

The goats pen is being divided into two subsections and will be divided lengthwise. The first stage of this project was dividing their current shelter in two and creating a second entryway. No easy feat given the size of the timbers involved! However, our volunteers and work-experience students have done a great job, thank you all!

The fence posts for the new dividing fence have also gone in, and the some of the fencing is starting to come together, but there is still a bit of work to do to finish up the fences and further finishing touches such as adding new doors, construction new climbing enrichment areas and hard standing.

A new animal enclosure on the Big Field

Up on the big field (near where Pixie the pony and our donkeys graze), we are working on creating a new field for grazing. This area will be directly opposite the current field and fence posts and stock netting have started going up. Again, we’ve got a bit of work to finish off on the fence, and gates to add, but it’s shaping up very well. A big thanks especially to our hardworking fencing team of Duncan, Johan, Keauno and Andy!

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Mudchute Park & Farm. One of the largest city farms in London with 32 acres of countryside in the middle of the Isle of Dogs.

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