The recent wet weather has meant lots of soft, muddy ground. Great for splashing around in your wellies, but not so good for our hooved animals. Hooves are a bit like fingernails and would naturally wear down on hard ground. When the ground is soft, hooves can overgrow and mud and dirt can be trapped in the excess, causing foot rot and other unpleasant problems that can result in animals ‘going lame’! To prevent our animals from succumbing to these debilitating problems, today our sheep had their routine foot trim and got a dose of wormer as well (not the most pleasant tasting medicine from the looks of things!). More photos on the next page.

Billy, the whitefaced woodland ram, getting his hooves trimmed.

Feet done, time for a quick dose of worming medication.

Keeping hooves neat and tidy can prevent a host of problems.

Frankie grudgingly taking his dose of wormer.

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Mudchute Park & Farm. One of the largest city farms in London with 32 acres of countryside in the middle of the Isle of Dogs.

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