For the last year, George the donkey has been one of our most popular residents. He came to us in a sorry state and thanks to help from some kind supporters, including Sandra Ireland and George Green’s School, we were able to fund the medical care that he needed. He is now in good health although he will continue to need extra attention on an old leg injury.

George is about seven years old, and he has never been neutered, which is why he cannot share a field with our two jennies, Dissy and Snowflake. As donkeys are a herd animal, this means he doesn’t have the companionship that he should have. We also don’t really have the facilities at Mudchute to neuter him, as the procedure is complicated and risky in adult donkeys.

So, after taking expert advice on what would be best for George, we have decided to rehome him to the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. They have kindly agreed to organise the journey, take him in and give him the care and companionship of other donkeys that he needs. We will be very sad to see him leave, but feel that we must put his welfare above everything else.


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