A huge thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who helped make the night a success and to all of our lovely guests for their generous support. We hope you had a fabulous evening! There were sheep races, wars of tug, welly wanging and more! We hope you’ll be back for more fun on the farm with us soon!

If you couldn’t join us on the night, but would like to support us, there are lots of ways you can help, including becoming a member of the Mudchute Association, volunteering and sponsoring an animal. Of course, Donations are also always greatly appreciated. We are a small community charity and can only stay open with your help and support.

You can find more photos (and videos!) of the evening on instagram by checking out our instagram feed and #mudchutesummerparty.

Here are some photos of our annual banquet. Gentle music and heady heat of a summers evening filled the air, as our guests drank pimms and enjoyed the goat race. The crowd was then led to a marquee adorned with flowers and a silver service, here a raffle and an auction took place as fine dining food was laid before the audience. The evening was completed in the barn, with a good old fashioned barn dance and cocktail. Even though the night was full of fun and games, it had more serious undertones as money was raised for; a milking cow, new roof for pets corner and money to pay for a classroom. We would like to thank everybody who came both the guests and others who donated their time, it’s thanks to you the Mudchute Park and Farm can keep running. Thanks also to Evgeny Semeykin for capturing the evening so beautifully on camera, to see his full set please follow the link.