It has been a busy few weeks here at Mudchute, with lots of new projects forging ahead with the help of our corporate volunteer groups. Over the past two weeks we have hosted groups from AIG, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Barclays and Societe Generale (via East End Community).

AIG, Morgan Stanley and Society Generale helped us with new fencing for the riding arena and to create a new pony paddock opposite our riding arena, as well as helping to clear some of our many paths of the brambles and nettles which grow so quickly at this time of year. Our stables team are looking forward to being able to turn the ponies out in the new paddock. It’s proximity to the stables and riding arena mean they can also keep an eye on them to prevent any mischief!

Work has also been continuing on our community orchard thanks to volunteers as well, with a group from Barclays helping to weed around the young trees and removing some of the protective mesh now that they are becoming more established. The trees are coming along well and should continue to take shape over the coming months.

We have also begun work on a new custom cow shed. Groups from Morgan Stanley and Blackrock got stuck in preparing the foundation of the new shed, including lots of hard graft shifting aggregate! We will be continuing to work on this in the coming weeks, setting the foundation and constructing the shelter itself.

Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers and the groups who helped us get these projects underway. As a small local charity, these projects are only possible thanks to your hard graft and continued support. Could you and your team help? You can find out more about our corporate volunteering programme on our website.


Our hardworking volunteers have been helping to transform logs and branches from felled trees into new habitats for wildlife on the farm, in the form of dead hedges and loggery. These projects will help support our resident wildlife, offering shelter to small mammals and birds, providing food and shelter to a wide range of invertebrates and even acting as a place for some of our pondlife to spend the winter. They also make excellent use of the wood which has resulted from the tree maintenance works across Mudchute. The strong winds this year have meant that we have had to remove several trees and branches to keep our open spaces safe for the public.

As these structures are made from wood, they will weather in the coming months and begin to rot down as they are eaten by minibeasts, fungi and bacteria. These creatures will in turn feed other organisms, recycling the nutrients in more ways than one. As the hedges rot down, we will top them up with additional fresh wood from any tree works, maintaining these habitats.

A big thank you goes out to our wonderful corporate volunteer groups from HSBC and Save the Children for their work in creating our dead hedge and to Standard Chartered for creating our new loggery!

A starling bathes in the puddles, but not all farm residents are so please with the wet weather!

A starling bathes in a puddle, but not all farm residents are pleased with the wet weather!

Over the past month, we have been battling the wet and stormy winter weather. The farm has withstood the wind and rain admirably. However, the land is now saturated and as the rain continues, so does its toll on surfaces across the farm. Wellies at the ready!

We would like to improve drainage and enhance eroded footpaths across the site, but we need large volumes of aggregate to do so. Could you help? If your site has a bit of extra road stone (MOT Type 1 Road Stone would be ideal), concrete, scalpings, or any other form of aggregate under 40mm, we would love to help upcycle this for you. We can also reuse aggregate that has been removed during resurfacing works. Given the large areas to cover, we can accept fairly large quantities of material (at least a lorry full!). If you might be able to help, or know someone who might, please get in touch with us by email to Thank you for your support!