Happy to be out in the sunshine, the young Mudchute gardeners are pictured on the way to the compost heap, to get some nutrient rich soil for their seeds.

We’ve been very busy this past week with a full programme of events and activities for the February Half Term holidays! 

The February forecast has been fresh and foreboding, but that didn’t put off a plethora of visitors to the farm this half term.  Just in time for spring the courtyard had some new growth of it’s own, with the refurbished shop now in full swing and packed full of goodies for children and feed for the animals.

Sheep came out of their pens to greet the visitors, and children stroked their fleeces whilst the farmer told them animal facts. Did you know, sheep can see what’s behind them without turning their heads?

The open access classroom was as busy as the duck pond at feeding time! Cardboard boxes were transformed into robot furniture with a sprinkle of glitter, a handful of buttons,and a large dose of a child’s imagination. All the while,the class full of people were careful not to knock the hatch and brood incubators that sat on every available surface.

Another new venture at the farm was the children’s ecology activities. Sessions explored British wildlife, and what we can do to conserve it. With a bit of hard work we managed to make some bird boxes for our old friend the House sparrow.  This will make for some chirpy birds as the House sparrow is in decline due to a lack of appropriate nest sites, and a shortage of insect food. Luckily, we made some tasty bird cakes too!

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