IMG_5284Looking for our goats? Our herd have moved from their shady enclosure at the centre of the farm to the corner field opposite our chickens. They’ve been enjoying the ample opportunities to sunbathe and more space to greet passing visitors! You’ll also notice the fence on this field has been augmented in preparation for the goats as some of our goats stand rather tall!

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to all of the staff, volunteers and corporate teams who have helped with this work and will be helping with the transformation to come! To find out more about how you and your team can lend a hand at Mudchute, visit our website.

As for their former pen, watch this space!





IMG_1896More caprine news this week! There are two beautiful new goats in our goat pen. These golden girls are our Golden Guernsey goats, a rare native breed known for their golden coats. They are a small and light-boned milking breed and as their name suggests, hail from Guernsey. Many thanks to the Friends of Mudchute Park & Farm for helping to bring this gorgeous breed to Mudchute.

The Golden Guernsey breed nearly died out during WWII as most of the livestock on Guernsey were wiped out during the German occupation of the island. The breed owes its survival to Miss Miriam Milbourne, who was able to hide a small group of the goats! You can find out more about this beautiful golden goat breed from the RBST as well as the Golden Guernsey Goat Society.


The two golden nannies join us from Vauxhall City Farm and already settled into their new home. They are extremely friendly and seem to be enjoying exploring their new enclosure.