I made this illustration for the front of our Chelsea Fringe flier. Here are some details of the installation:

Mudchute Park and Farm are entering this year’s Chelsea Fringe. The Farm is concerned about the loss of urban biodiversity. Declining gardens, hedgerows, and tree lines have reduced the habitat and food sources for invertebrates and small mammals.  This has detrimental impacts on the ecosystem, which will in turn impact its productivity necessary for human survival. Our installation will show around 100 wooden wine boxes donated by Waitrose, planted up as miniature gardens and making an installation of a green London. The farm will show people that we can make the city greener by re-introducing green wedges, green fingers, living walls, living roofs, hedgerows and tree lines. This way we’ll create a coherent network of green space that will allow nature to commute the city just as easily as we do. The public are invited to an open access day to plant up their own garden to add to the installation, please see details below:

Planting work shop- Saturday, 25 May 13, 11am- 3pm

Open to the public for viewing- Saturday, 25 May 13- Friday 31 May 13