Taking preventative measures against flystrike.

As the weather warms, there is no end to the jobs around the farm. You may have noticed flies buzzing about and those flies in combination with our recent hot and humid weather can spell trouble for woolly sheep. Fly strike or myiasis occurs when adult flies lay their eggs on the sheep. Within a matter of hours, the eggs hatch into maggots which immediately start doing damage to the host. If left untreated, the maggots will burrow under the skin, leading to infection as well as obvious discomfort and damage (they are in fact eating the poor host!) and in some cases the condition can be fatal.

To protect our sheep, the team have been taking a number preventative measures, including “dagging”, removing soiled wool on the tail and back ends of the sheep, as well as spraying the sheep with a protective medication (shown above). So if you see our sheep wandering the fields with blue stripes, don’t worry, it’s just to help keep the flies off!