Back in January we hosted the handsome Biddlesden Warrant, a lovely tup, who enjoyed the company of some of our Whitefaced Woodland ewes. Five months later, our ewes are ready to lamb. Earlier this week we welcomed the first of his lambs, a little blue-eyed ram lamb. We are expecting more lambs in the week to come and will be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, here’s a look at the gorgeous little boy and his lovely mum!


A very warm welcome to our latest arrival who made his debut a bit before midday on Saturday. The little lamb is a little shaky on his feet and has been nicknamed Bambi. He is an Oxford Down/Southdown cross and we hope he’ll be strong enough to be go out with mum later this week.






Our orphan lambs have caught the eye of the cameras! BBC film crews have been on site with little Bo and Belle, filming first for BBC This Week, then for the BBC News at Six. The BBC This Week episode aired on the 9th of April and features not just our lambs, but some fantastic view of the farm and its residents!

Here is a clip featuring Bo and Belle:


You can watch the entire episode on iplayer here and we feature from 20:15.