This year National Playday was a bombastic event at Mudchute Farm. Children made giant xylophones, drum kits and symbols from upturned bins, pipes and wheelbarrows. Thanks to Moto Yogo (the yummiest organic frozen yogurt in the spooniverse) for donating jumbo milk bottles to us, these were filled with dried beans and made excellent shakers. After all the instruments had been made, trained percussionist Rob taught the band some crazy beats like ‘have a cuppa cuppa cuppa tea’. Onlookers were entertained as the chaotic fury of noise was transformed into a tight rhythym as the children became very tight and responsive. I think all the children who took part left feeling totally bojangled at the end of the day.

A big thanks to the young organisers Logan, Sophie, Ibrahim, Shanon, Connor, Kulsuma and John for making the day a brilliant event and staying for the huge tidy up. Thanks also to PATH for sponsoring the event and MAYP for a fantastic group of young volunteers.