Our orphan lambs have caught the eye of the cameras! BBC film crews have been on site with little Bo and Belle, filming first for BBC This Week, then for the BBC News at Six. The BBC This Week episode aired on the 9th of April and features not just our lambs, but some fantastic view of the farm and its residents!

Here is a clip featuring Bo and Belle: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nt44n


You can watch the entire episode on iplayer here and we feature from 20:15.


Our own ewes have not delivered their lambs yet, but today we welcomed two new “orphan lambs” to the farm, Bo and Belle from a farm in Norfolk. The two lambs are Texel crosses and are are not orphans per se, but rather the result of triplets or other multiple births. Ewes struggle to raise more than two lambs at once, so additional bottlefeeding is required to keep them healthy. We’ll be helping to raise Bo and Belle for the next few months and you’ll be amazed by how quickly they grow! The lambs were only born on Monday (March 23rd), so they’re still a bit shaky on their hooves, but will grow in confidence and mischief with each passing day! Come visit them in Pets Corner!