Our Tamworth piglets have been out enjoying the outdoors with their mum. The playful pair are discovering the joys of rooting in the bark and mud, soaking up the sunshine and lots of wrestling and chasing games! They’ve been enjoying meeting all of our visitors too. Be sure to say hello on your next visit!


It’s a scorcher today as the heat wave continues and the summer solstice as well. Temperatures are set to hit a 40 year high for the month of June. Our Middle White Piglets have moved from their pen in Pets Corner up to a larger pen, which comes with fantastic opportunities to have a wallow. The formerly pink piglets got stuck right in and made the most of the cool mud, which will help keep them cool and safe from the sun! I think they might have the right idea in the heat!


Since their arrival, our large black pigs have been growing steadily. As we prepare for a new duo of piglet sisters to join us (watch this space!), our large black piglets are moving to a larger enclosure. Here they have even more opportunities to indulge in their favourite natural behaviours like sunbathing and rooting. There’s plenty to explore!