Pot-belled pigs have distinctive pointed ears unlike our other pigs.

Among our November arrivals was Princess, the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig. Upon arrival, we housed her in temporary accommodation in Pets Corner. While a comfortable place for her to get used to life at Mudchute, it was not the ideal enclosure for a pig; and the farm team have been hard at work to develop a more suitable enclosure for her.

You can now find Princess in her new home beside the barn and adjoining Pheasant Crescent. Princess’ new enclosure gives her the comforts of a sheltered indoor area as well as hard standing and access to bare soil to root and wallow (an activity she enjoys now and will continue to take advantage of as the weather warms!). As we continue to add the finishing touches to Pets Corner area, we look forward to welcoming more animals to their new enclosures soon.


Last week we welcomed four new arrivals to the farm! The newcomers come to us from Farming World in Faversham, Kent, who unfortunately closed last month. We are thrilled to be able to offer some of these lovely animals a new home and this would not have been possible without a very generous anonymous donation.

Our new animals include a Gloucester Old Spot boar named Bruiser, a Vietnamese Pot-bellied sow named Princess as well as two short-legged Dexter cows named Dora and Delilah. All of our new arrivals seem to be settling in well and we hope they enjoy life in the city. We’ll be looking to update our Farm Animal pages over the next few days and our newcomers will also be looking for their very own sponsors soon!

Princess the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig, resting in Pets Corner.

Princess the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig, resting in Pets Corner.

Bruiser the Gloucester Old Spot boar, enjoying the mud.

Bruiser the Gloucester Old Spot boar, enjoying the mud.

Delilah and Dora, our new short-legged Dexter cows.

Dora and Delilah, our new short-legged Dexter cows.

Over the past week we have received a very generous donation of logs, bark and wood chippings from CSG Ushers Ltd, a local tree surgeon who has been working nearby. The byproduct of their work (branches, logs and wood chip) have been put to good use across the farm, providing a nice dry layer underfoot for our goat, duck and chicken pens as well as enrichment in the form of log piles and perches for many of the farm’s animals. The pigs love having a good scratch against their logs and searching for food among them. The goats seem keen on stripping all the bark off their logs and the chickens and ducks are eagerly scratching through the wood chip, looking for insects, worms and other treats. More photos and videos on the next page.

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