There has been lots of excitement in Pets Corner as our rabbits explore their new soil box. Here on the farm we are always encouraging our animals to express their natural behaviour, and looking for new ways to make this possible. We use hanging cabbages for our chickens, logs and wood chips across the farm, and a wide variety of toys for our ferrets to name just a few.

The new box is an excellent form of enrichment, allowing our colony to explore existing chambers as well as dig their own. Like their wild ancestors, our rabbits are natural diggers and they have jumped right in, digging (and popping up) throughout the new box. Enrichment like this helps keep our animals’ minds and bodies active and healthy and they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves too. Thanks farmer Sundae for the addition!

Have rabbits of your own? Find out more about these incredible animals and ways you can enrich their environment here.


There are a clever new duo in Pets Corner. Have you met Elsa and Anna? These two adorable youngsters are our Dumbo Rats, a breed of fancy rat known named for their large, low-set ears. The two sisters are settling in well to Pets Corner and can often be seen greeting visitors (between naps!). Despite a reputation to the contrary, rats are extremely clean animals and have been domesticated for hundreds of years. Clever, curious and extremely sociable, rats make wonderful pets and a group of rats is called a mischief! You can find out more about Dumbo Rats and other fancy varieties from the National Fancy Rat Society.



Sooty the lamb

Sooty the lamb meeting visitors at Westfield Stratford City.

It’s a busy week for us on the farm with Easter holidays in full swing and lots of activities taking place at Mudchute Park & Farm. We’re also busy taking some of our animals to greet their public further afield at Westfield Stratford City for the shopping centre’s Easter Kids at the Farm event.

Petting Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Young visitors meet our rabbits and guinea pigs.

You can see some of your Mudchute favourites as they visit Westfield London’s Chestnut Plaza. Our animals at Westfield include baby lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, donkeys and more! We’ll be at Westfield from 11am – 3pm all this week until Saturday, April 6th. Come say hello!

Will you be visiting us at Westfield this week? Share your photos with us via twitter by tweeting @mudchute and @westfieldstrat using “#kidsatthefarm” for a chance to win you and your family a VIP farm tour of Mudchute! You can also post your photos to our facebook page (/MudchuteParkFarm).

We’ll be back at Westfield from 11 tomorrow and hope to see you there! In the mean time, find some of our photos from Day 1 at Mudchute on the next page!

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