You may have noticed a few new faces in pets corner! We’re happy to introduce our latest additions to Pets Corner, a new trio of ferrets! At the moment, you can find them in a hutch with Boris and Bandit, the two ferrets you may have met before. We’re letting the newcomers settle in and giving them a chance to get to know our boys before they all start living together.

Male ferrets are called hobs and females are called gills. Both Boris and Bandits are hobs, and the new youngsters are two gills and a hob! The collective noun for a group of ferrets is “business”, or historically a “fesnyng”. So hopefully if introductions keep going well, you’ll see our business of ferrets playing together soon!

The newcomers don’t have official farm names yet, but feel free to tweet your suggestions to us @mudchute! They also need sponsors to help support them! Find out how you can sponsor one of our animals here! More photos on our lovely new ferrets on the next page! Continue reading

This morning, it was time to catch up and check over our two ferrets, Boris and Bandit. These two live at the end of Pets Corner and you’ll often catch them running through their tunnels and generally being mischievous! Today it was time for them to get their nails trimmed and we’ve given them a little extra protection against any pesky parasites that might bother them in the warm weather. Here are a few photos of the two squirming about during the procedures. More photos on the next page! Continue reading

This week Halley Williams and Kieran Brown from Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies have been helping us overhaul Pets Corner. The two third-year vet students have been improving the lives of our small mammals in pets corner by providing new enrichment and making improvements to their enclosures to encourage natural foraging behaviour. This will help keep them happy, healthy and mentally stimulated as well. See more photos and find out more about the changes on the next page!

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