A very warm welcome to our latest arrival who made his debut a bit before midday on Saturday. The little lamb is a little shaky on his feet and has been nicknamed Bambi. He is an Oxford Down/Southdown cross and we hope he’ll be strong enough to be go out with mum later this week.





Volunteers make a huge difference, contributing across Mudchute. Here is an update from volunteer coordinator, Louise.

At the moment, the farm is blooming with daffodils, crocus and snowdrops, the trees are budding and the bees are out searching for early spring flowers to make into precious honey. Our volunteers have been working very hard, caring for the animals and doing essential tasks to get Mudchute ready for spring.

Wednesday group - dead hedge

The new Wednesday Horticulture volunteer group has done amazing work – Coppicing the Hazel Copse, using the wood to make fence posts, gathering materials for the ‘Dead Hedge’, planting spring bulbs and clearing brambles.

In the half-term holiday the 2nd East London Scouts Group kindly came to help with some of the bigger jobs in the Park. The Beavers planted spring bulbs and had a tour of the Farm with Tracy Cross, who always makes meeting and feeding the animals such fun! The older Scouts made fantastic progress on the ‘dead hedge’, next to the wildlife pond, collecting materials from the woodland and building over 12m of hedge! A terrific, fun day was had by all and Mudchute wishes to thank the Scouts, Pack Leader Mike Leggitt and all the other parents and Leaders for their wonderful enthusiasm and true community spirit.

Are you interested in volunteering at Mudchute? To find out more, email us at




Daffodills are flowering across the farm.

Daffodills are flowering across the farm.

We started March with St. David’s Day and appropriately the first daffodils in flower. It is certainly starting to look like Spring on the farm. You may have spotted crocuses along the paths and the coppice filled with delicate snowdrops. Many trees are also in bloom with catkins and blossom. The most striking of these are our many cherry trees. Despite the recent stormy weather, their delicate cherry blossom display continues and it is hard to miss the chorus of songbirds in the morning.

The days are definitely growing longer and don’t forget we will be changing the clocks (and the farm opening times) at the end of the month when the clocks go forward.

Want to come work with us at this gorgeous time of year? We would love to hear from you! Please email our volunteer coordinator Louise at for more information. In the meantime here are some photos we’ve snapped around Mudchute!