Over the past few weeks you may have spotted a teams at work in the wooded copse. We’ve been working to remove Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) trees. The Norway Maple is a non-native tree species and as a result isn’t particularly valuable for our local wildlife. In contrast, native tree species can support a host of species from fungi to invertebrates and birds! Removing these trees will also reduce overcrowding in the copse and help the native species thrive as they will have less competition for light and nutrients.

Many thanks to the corporate volunteer teams from RBS who have been carefully felling and processing these trees and to team TCV who have been lending their supervisory expertise!

Volunteers make a huge difference, contributing across Mudchute. Here is an update from volunteer coordinator, Louise.

At the moment, the farm is blooming with daffodils, crocus and snowdrops, the trees are budding and the bees are out searching for early spring flowers to make into precious honey. Our volunteers have been working very hard, caring for the animals and doing essential tasks to get Mudchute ready for spring.

Wednesday group - dead hedge

The new Wednesday Horticulture volunteer group has done amazing work – Coppicing the Hazel Copse, using the wood to make fence posts, gathering materials for the ‘Dead Hedge’, planting spring bulbs and clearing brambles.

In the half-term holiday the 2nd East London Scouts Group kindly came to help with some of the bigger jobs in the Park. The Beavers planted spring bulbs and had a tour of the Farm with Tracy Cross, who always makes meeting and feeding the animals such fun! The older Scouts made fantastic progress on the ‘dead hedge’, next to the wildlife pond, collecting materials from the woodland and building over 12m of hedge! A terrific, fun day was had by all and Mudchute wishes to thank the Scouts, Pack Leader Mike Leggitt and all the other parents and Leaders for their wonderful enthusiasm and true community spirit.

Are you interested in volunteering at Mudchute? To find out more, email us at




Dawn on the big field.

Dawn on the big field.

As we ring in 2015, we’re also excited to start a number of new projects and welcome new volunteers! Are you looking to get more involved with the community this year? Or perhaps you’ve resolved to get outdoors more. If you are an enthusiastic individual who loves Mudchute and is looking to help the community, why not join our team as a volunteer?

Our work would not be possible without our fantastic volunteers, who make contributions across Mudchute. With the help of our new volunteer coordinator, we are excited to be launching several new projects to enhance the park and open spaces and we need your help to make these projects a success.

The Mudchute Shop is being re-launched with new product lines and décor. We would love volunteers to help in the shop during the week and especially at the weekend. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain some valuable experience in a retail environment and a great help.

Horticulture is high on the agenda

Caring for our Trees

Mudchute’s many trees require lots of maintenance and care throughout the year. Learn how to maintain, coppice, prune and even fell trees.

Sustainable Growing

We’ll be looking to grow our own organic vegetables in the allotments, both for sale in the Mudchute Farm Shop as well as for use in Muddy Boots Nursery. We’ll also be growing both annual and perennial flowers, taking cuttings from fruits and ornamental shrubs, and planting a wildflower meadow. Not only will these additions be beautiful all year round, they will also help provide important food sources and habitats for wildlife!

Growing together

Why not join us regularly? We’d like to create horticultural groups for all who would like to learn, participate or share their skills. Whether you would like to learn to basics, increase your knowledge or just get out and about! Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills and chance to meet new people.

Find Out More and Get Involved!

To find out more about volunteering at Mudchute, please visit volunteering page and contact our volunteer coordinator Louise at