The web of the European garden spider (Araneus diadematus).

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d share some of Mudchute’s resident spiders! You’ll notice large garden orb spiders hanging prominently around the farm in their beautiful orb webs at this time of year. This is their last time to shine, as they’ve grown rapidly over the summer and are hanging on until the temperature dips too low. Many of the other species we’ve seen have enjoyed a brief season this summer, and show the beauty and diversity of British spiders. See just a few of our favourite arachnids on the next page! Continue reading

In addition to our domestic livestock and pets corner animals, Mudchute is also home to a huge diversity of plants and wildlife. We’re just starting to explore the incredible wildlife of Mudchute Park & Farm and welcome you to take part! Here’s a peek at just some of the stunning plants and animals we’ve encountered around Mudchute! See more on the next page and at our new Wildlife at Mudchute flickr pool. Have you spotted something interesting or unusual at Mudchute? Snap a photo and send it our way. While we can’t guarantee we’ll know what it is, we’ll certainly try to help you with identification!

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