With winter setting in, we’ve been rather quiet here on the blog. However, staff and volunteers have been hard at work across Mudchute. While winter is a fairly quiet season in terms of visitors, there is much work to be done to maintain and improve our open spaces. Here are just a few photos from around Mudchute this season as we prepare for 2015.

Long shadows cast by the low morning sun.

As December begins, the nights grow longer and the temperature drops. We are approaching the shortest day of the year, which occurs on the 21st of this month and it’s certainly feeling wintry. By now, most of the trees have already lost their leaves and the mornings are tinged white with frost. Despite the shorter days, the loss of leaves does often make the few daylight hours feel brighter, and certainly make this an excellent time of year for birdwatching. More on the next page!

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