We are proud to announce another set of exciting arrivals for the farm! Tiny baby pheasants! You can see our new little chicks and our mandarin ducklings in Pets Corner. The golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) is a beautiful species that is native to the forests in mountainous areas of western China. Our adult pheasants (the parents of these little chicks) live in Pheasant Crescent in Pets Corner. The male is brightly coloured and his hens look very similar to those of female common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). More photos of the tiny new arrivals on the next page!

One of the chicks unzipping the shell.

Watch as the third pheasant chick hatches (with a helping hand!)

The third chick, moments out of the egg.

A chick one (left) and eight (right) hours after hatching.

The tiny chicks aren't much larger than a pound coin!

A newly hatched golden pheasant chick weighs just 14g. That's only 2g more than a 2 pound coin!

But they won't stay small for long. Soon they'll be looking like their magnificent father who you might have spotted in Pheasant Crescent.

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