IMG_1744There is a diminutive new chicken breed on the farm, the Dutch Bantam. Bantams are small chickens and the Dutch bantams is the smallest! The new bantams are the smallest of the chicken breeds here at Mudchute. At full size, a Dutch bantam cockerel weighs only 500-550g. It is one of few “true bantam” breeds, meaning it has no large counterpart. As their name suggests, the breed originate in the Netherlands where they are called Hollandse Kriel. The breed standard for Dutch bantams includes a “upright & jaunty” carriage, which we think our cockerel certainly exhibits as he strolls Pets Corner and watches over his hens. The breed is accepted in a variety of colours. Our group are of the gold partridge variant.

You can find out more about the breed from the Dutch Bantam Club of Great Britain.


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