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Horseriding Lessons

Equestrian centre update - June 2021

The Equestrian centre has been closed now for over a year barring a few short weeks when restrictions allowed us to open. As you are all aware an equestrian centre is not cheap to run with staffing, overhead, vet, farrier, feed and bedding bills to be paid to monthly. The equestrian centre has to make money to help it survive, over a number of years the income generated has decreased and the department has had to be subsided to plug these shortfalls of income by the other trading arms of the association, more often than not by thousands of pounds a month. The effects of the pandemic has meant that an increased level of subsidy has been necessary which – as a charitable organisation- we are not able to maintain.

Therefore our board of trustees have made the incredibly difficult decision to temporarily close the equestrian centre. This is for them to assess the model and direction of the equestrian centre with a view to maybe change its reach in the future.

Our horses will be going on holiday to a farm in the countryside until a decision has been made.

Lessons offered

Our team of BHS and UKCC qualified instructors provide both group and individual tuition at scheduled times throughout the week. Adult group lessons are up to 6 people, and are for riders who are able to walk and trot on their own. Children’s lessons have a 5 student maximum due to our limited amount of ponies. Private and semi-private lessons (up to 3 people) are designed for all level of rider, starting from the very basics all the way to riding more advanced movements. We require all new clients to attend a 45 minute assessment lesson to ascertain their level, which includes a 10 minute lesson on grooming and tacking up.

Lesson Timetable


8.00am - 4.00pm
Private/Semi-private lessons


8.00am - 6.00pm
Private/Semi-private lessons

Adult Intermediate
Adult Novice


8.00am - 6.00pm
Private/Semi-private lessons

Adult Novice

Adult Novice


8.00am - 3.30pm
Private/Semi-private lessons

Children's Beginner Group

Private lessons

Adult Beginner Plus

Adult Intermediate


8.00am - 4.00pm
Private/Semi-private lessons


Adult Intermediate
Adult Novice 1
Adult Novice 2
Children's Beginner
Children's Beginner Plus
Children's Novice
Children's Beginner


Adult Intermediate

Children's Novice

Children's Beginner Plus

1.30pm - 2.30pm
Livery Riding Hour and Special Events

**Please note that winter hours for weekday group lessons are 6:30 and 7:30 starting from the end of October until April. You will be informed 2 weeks prior to time change.**

Clothing – what to wear on your lesson

  • Jeans are not recommended but a looser trouser is ideal
  • Shoes or boots with a small heel i.e. a walking boot
  • Trainers, wellingtons and shoes with a wedge or thick tractor sole are not permitted
  • Dress according to the weather although long sleeves are recommended even in the hot weather
  • Hat hire is £1.50

Group Level System

This is the framework by which each lesson is assessed and delivered. Students must be able to perform some of the content listed in the level they are joining (this does not apply to beginners), and be working towards learning the rest. Please note that lesson plans are at the discretion of the instructor, and certain exercises will only be taught if and when the rider is deemed capable.

  • Leading correctly
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Adjusting the stirrups and girth while dismounted
  • Basic position
  • Steering
  • School rules and terms
  • Balance in the saddle
  • Learning the rising trot

  • Adjusting stirrups and girth while mounted
  • Diagonals
  • Intro to sitting trot
  • Transitions
  • Keeping together as a ride
  • Turns and changes of rein
  • Circle, serpentines, and figures of 8
  • Introduction to riding in open order
  • Introduction to sitting trot without stirrups
  • 10m, 15m, and 20m circles
  • Introduction to light seat

  • Introduction to pole work
  • Learning to canter
  • Adjusting stirrups and girth from the ground and mounted
  • Balanced position without stirrups
  • Introduction to canter without stirrups
  • Confidence working in open order as well as ride formation
  • Canter transitions and exercises within the canter
  • Light seat and jump position
  • Pole work
  • Introduction to jumping
  • Introduction to lateral work

  • Canter without stirrups
  • Understanding of lateral work (leg yield, shoulder-in, turn on the forehand etc)
  • Recognizing canter leads
  • Pole work
  • Jumping courses
  • Understanding of impulsion, the scales of training, and working in an outline

Lessons costs

As of August 2016 there will be a price increase to all lessons. You will also note that from this date there will be no discount for young riders who reside on the Isle of Dogs. We have not done this lightly and have done a price comparison with other Riding Establishments. We have therefore kept our increase to a minimum. This is in line with products and services across the board.

Adult (1 hour) £33
Adult Livery Group Lesson(1 hour) £23
Children's livery £21
Child Jump (45 minutes) £28
Child 7-16 years (1 hour) £26
Child lead reign (30 mins) £18


Semi Private (45 Minute lesson)Price
Junior Instructor £37
Senior Instructor £42
Chief Instructor £45
Children's Semi Private Lesson £30


Private Lesson (45 minute lesson)Price
Adult assessment lesson £45
Junior Instructor £47
Senior Instructor £50
Chief Instructor £55
Adult livery private lesson £37
Children's livery private lesson £30
Adult private jump - Junior Instructor £50
Adult private jump - Senior Instructor £50
Children's lesson £35


Lunge (1/2 hour Lesson)Price
1 Lesson £40




Weight limit 12.5 stone or 11 stone (70 kg) for beginners.

All lessons are payable in advance and subject to a 24-hour cancellation fee.

For further information

Please call the stables to make a reservation on 020 7515 0749 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can view our current timetable to find out more about the different levels of lesson we offer. Be aware if you have had a break from riding you may want to begin in a level or two lower. Once you have an idea which class you may be suited to, please send us an email with the following details to be added to the list. Even if you wish to be on the private lesson list it is best to let us know your level. We will then get in touch as soon as space becomes available. Your first lesson will be an assessment lesson and your instructor will advise if the lesson is suitable for you to continue.

  • Full name
  • Height and weight/age for children’s lessons
  • Lesson level
  • Telephone number

If you wish to book in a lesson as a one off, please send us an email NO SOONER THAN 48 HOURS before your desired day. We will then be able to book you in on this one off basis if we have any cancellations.