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Holiday Opening Times 2017

We wish all very happy holidays from all of us at Mudchute. Over the holiday period, some areas of Mudchute will be closed.

Mudchute Kitchen and Muddy Boots Nursery will be closed from Saturday, 23 December until 3 January.

Our farm will be open as follows:

Saturday, 23 December8am to 4pm
Sunday, 24 December8am to 3pm
Monday, 25 Decemberclosed
Tuesday, 26 December8am to 1pm, but note that Pets Corner will be closed
Wednesday, 27 December8am to 4pm
Thursday, 28 December8am to 4pm
Friday, 29 December8am to 4pm
Saturday, 30 December8am to 4pm
Sunday, 31 December8am to 3pm
Monday, 1 Januaryclosed