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Playing Locally and Introducing The Story of Our Street

The Story of Our Street

Here at Mudchute, we have always understood the importance of play in our community, and see ourselves as the perfect natural play environment. Several months ago funding was secured to run regular playtimes for children visiting the farm at weekend and during holidays. These playtimes had been ticking along very nicely, with family film screenings and food parties in the barn, craft and straw bale playing over half terms, Christmas and Halloween events. These playtimes were becoming a regular feature for lots of families.

Then the coronavirus came along, and completely shut down the shared experiences and closeness that come with community playing.

So at the moment we are sorry to say that the wisest and most conscientious thing that we can do is to wait. We will wait until we discover a way to play together again.

Until that tomorrow comes along, we will share with you updates from a tiny local play initiative in a street in Tower Hamlets via our blog. We don’t know, but we are almost certain that things like this are happening all over the borough, the country and the world.

Sharing our small story is our way of asking you to remember that our children need play to tackle the anxiety and bemusement that they are experiencing right now. It is how they make sense of the world and work out the overwhelming things around them. And if our children are feeling a little better and more resilient, then maybe the grown ups will find things just a little easier too.

In fact, it very best thing is for the adults to find some playfulness as well as the children.

Keep Playing friends.
Keep Playing.

You can now read our story in pictures here.

The Story So Far