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Sheep Grazing in the big field from 17 May 2021

The largest paddock within the big field (which is where dogs are let of the lead) will be temporarily grazed by our sheep the week commencing the 17/5/2021 for a possible 3 weeks. (depending on grass intake).

The field will be closed to people and dogs 24hrs a day as the sheep will be grazing throughout the day and night. The field will remain closed for a subsequent 3 weeks after grazing to comply with H&S regulations. As has happened throughout the last year with the lower paddock.

We are grazing rather than mowing as we cannot afford the cost of mowing at present, also using sheep to graze this field is more environmentally friendly.

  • Please do not enter the field at anytime.
  • Dogs can scare or harm Farm animals so please keep them on a lead around livestock.
  • Please do pick up after your dog and put bags in the bins provided.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tom and the farm staff team