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Work Experience


Mudchute offers Work Experience placements for those aged 16 and upwards on the Farm, in the Stables, in the Children's Centre, and on the open space.

Short-term Work Experience placements run from Monday through to Friday for one, or ideally, two weeks.

Long-term Work Experience placements are for one day a week (Monday to Friday) for 3 months and usually coincide with school or college terms.

We host placements throughout the year and prioritise applications from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The summer term can get booked up, so please apply as early as possible.

For more information on the job roles we currently offer, please review our Job Descriptions here.

To reserve a work experience placement, please complete the work experience application form. Please send your completed application form to our volunteer coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please make sure you fill out the form carefully and specify the dates that you would like to attend.

NOTE: All work experience placements under the age of 16yrs are required to get a Work Experience Referral Form from their school/institution.

You may be expected to attend an interview before you start. The interview gives you a chance to see the Farm and to learn more about what the role involves. It also gives us the opportunity to find out a little more about you and decide whether you are a suitable candidate.

We have limited administrative resources, and it may take us several weeks to process an application. Please note that if you have any paperwork that needs completing for your school or college, such as attendance records or feedback forms, then you will need to get that completed during your placement - as we cannot complete any paperwork retrospectively.