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History of Mudchute

The Mudchute Park & Farm was established by the local Island community. Originally a piece of derelict land created during the last century from the spoil of construction from dredging Millwall Dock. For decades, this hidden natural wilderness of flora and fauna remained untouched. However, in 1974 the site was earmarked by the Greater London Council for the construction of a high rise estate. The resulting public campaign against these plans reflected the affection that local people and those working on the Island felt for The Mudchute. Their success secured it as the "People's Park" for the area.

In 1977 the Mudchute Association was formed to preserve and develop the area. Farm animals and horses were introduced, trees and plants were planted by generous volunteers and corporate teams, and the educational benefits of the area were also recognised. Local schools were encouraged to use the project to study the natural world on their doorsteps. Since the establishment of the Association, The Mudchute has steadily built a reputation for providing a variety of educational and leisure activities on a London-wide basis.

It is governed by a Board of 15 Trustees who are all local people and represent the full range of interests of the local community. The Trustees meet monthly and each member also participates actively in promoting the aims and objectives of the Mudchute Association.