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Plan your visit

As an environmental project with no visitor parking, we encourage you to come to Mudchute using public transport, bike or by foot! Easiest access is from Crossharbour DLR station which is a ten minute walk from our main courtyard area. You can find a map of the farm here.

To visit the farm, enjoy the park and spend some time in the Mudchute Kitchen we recommend that you allow at least two hours for your visit. Make sure that you visit our farm courtyard, the farm itself and our stables. Please ensure that all visitors follow the Mudchute code of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection caused by bacteria passed between animals and humans.

Planning an educational visit with your group? Please contact our Education department. Details can be found on our contact page.

Please note that fields where animals graze are not suitable for picnicking. Food should only be eaten in designated areas where animals have not been grazing. There is a lower paddock where children can play safely. Staff in the main office in the stable yard are available to offer directions if necessary.

When visiting the farm can all visitors please be advised to bring alternative shoes for walking around the paths as these are also used as bridle paths. Also be sure to wash your hands after changing back into original shoes to ensure that the spread of bacteria is not encouraged.


Essential information on planning your visit

Download a map of Mudchute

Download a map of Mudchute