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In addition to our domestic livestock and pets corner animals, Mudchute is also home to a huge diversity of plants and wildlife. Our 32 acres represent a wide range of habitats, from wetlands and woodlands to open meadows and field margins. We’re just starting to explore the incredible wildlife of Mudchute Park & Farm and welcome you to take part. Here’s a look at just a few of the stunning plants and animals we've encountered around Mudchute!

You can find more species on our Wildlife at Mudchute flickr pool where you are invited to submit your sightings! Have you spotted something interesting or unusual at Mudchute? Snap a photo and upload it to the flickr pool. While we can’t guarantee we’ll know what it is, we’ll certainly try to help find out!

We are working closely with our partners Tower Habitats, the Biodiversity Partnership for the Borough of Tower Hamlets as well as wildlife charities such as Froglife to promote and conserve our wildlife.

Mudchute Wildlife through the Seasons

As a part of our blog, we followed an entire year at Mudchute, spotting wildlife highlights. You can find an archive our monthly Wildlife to Watch posts here and previous blog posts on wildlife at Mudchute here or by clicking the images below.

The Wildlife of Mudchute

We will be looking to update these pages soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of the beautiful illustrations of Shirley Wheeler from the 1983 publication "The Wildlife of the Mudchute".